Clinically Proven to help you fall asleep faster1.



GABAdone® is a specially formulated Medical Food intended for the dietary management of sleep disorders associated with anxiety.

GABAdone® has been recommended by physicians for over a decade as a safe alternative to addictive and often dangerous sleep aids. GABAdone® is clinically proven to improve the time it takes to fall asleep as well as overall sleep quality. GABAdone® is clinically proven to improve the time it takes to fall asleep.1

GABAdone® is a drug-free, non-addictive and effective way to fall asleep faster. No severe side effects, significant morning grogginess, potential for addiction or tolerance build up has been reported in over a decade of clinical use.


Restore Nervous System Balance

Replace the key neurotransmitters required for night time nervous system function.

Safe & Effective

Clinically proven ingredients that are Generally Recognized as Safe.

Patented Technology

Technology that improves the uptake and conversion of amino acids to neurotransmitters.

Amino Acids

The fuel the nervous system needs to operate efficiently.

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