Frequently Asked Questions

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Is GABAdone a Drug?

No. GABAdone® is regulated by the FDA as a medical food and is indicated for the clinical dietary management of chronic sleep disorders.

How Does GABAdone Work?

GABAdone® addresses the specific amino acid and nutrient deficiencies associated with sleep disorders. GABAdone works through a nutritional pathway helping your body make the neurotransmitters required for efficient night time sleep function.

What does GABAdone Do?

GABAdone® is effective at reducing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, improving sleep quality, and achieving restorative sleep through nervous system support.

Does GABAdone require a prescription?

No. GABAdone® is often prescribed by physicians, but does not require a prescription.

Does GABAdone require ongoing physician supervision?

Yes. GABAdone® is a medical food that requires the ongoing supervision of a physician.

Does GABAdone interfere with my current medication?

There are no known contraindications between GABAdone® and other medications. Talk to your doctor about taking GABAdone®.

Where do I find GABAdone?

Call (844) 474-3111 to speak to a patient advocate about getting started with GABAdone®.

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